Superweld brings the power of natural microbes and herbal exacts to animal feeds thereby enhancing their performance many folds. With our solutions Poultry, Llivestock and Pets can be raised in a very healthy, organic way, with no dependence on chemicals, antibiotics and other inorganic medicines.
We help Farmers, Pet Owners, Feed Manufacturers with unique organic feed supplements.


    • Gut Probiotics
    • Teethcare probiotics
    • Tick repellant
    • Deworming probiotics
    • Enhancement of fur coat
    • Natural Deodorants

    • Wet Litter Management
    • Herbal Liver Stimulants
    • Fly and Maggot Control
    • Gut Acidifiers
    • Gut Probiotics, Growth Promoters
    • Nano Minerals, Nano Fat
  • Cattle

    • Herbal Milk yield improver
    • Mineral Mixtures, Gut Probiotics
    • Trace Mineralized Salt Licks
    • Nano Calcium, Nano Fat
    • Heat Inducers, Wound healers
    • Mastitis care
  • Our Product Range for

    Animal Healthcare

    S.No Product Benefits
    1. SUPER GROW Nano fat for increasing weight and health.
    2. SUPER FRESH Gut probiotic and deodorant.
    3. SUPER FLYSHIELD Insect repellant, fly repellant.
    4. SUPER FLYOFF Larva and maggot control.
    5. SUPER DEFENSE Immunity booster, Anti Viral medicine.
    6. LIVER –SUPER Liver stimulant.
    7. BIOFRESH Litter smell removal, degrading urine and fecal matter.
    S.No Product Benefits
    8. TICK-OFF For Tick and insect control on animals, horses, sheep, cattle, etc.
    9. DHOODHPLUS Eliminates use of Oxytoxin, Improves milk yield, Herbal product.
    10. NANO CALCIUM Improves bone health, growth rate, meets calcium requirements
    11. PERFORM SUPER Herbal Performance boosters for Horses, Fighting Cocks, other animals.
    12. BIOMED Antibiotic free growth promoter.
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