What We Do

Superweld has worked closely with reputed scientists and industry for years together. This work has resulted in some very effective bio products which can solve pollutions problems.

  • Wastewater treatment

    • BOD / COD Reduction
    • TDS / TSS Reductions
    • MLSS Development
    • Color Removal
  • Sewage / Fecal Sludge Treatment

    • Septic Tank Treatment
    • Toxic Gas elimination
    • Biodigestor Treatment
  • Ponds & lake Remediation

    • Algae control
    • Sludge reduction
    • Smell Elimination
  • Odor Control

    • H2S and NH3 Reduction
    • Garbage Odor control
    • Public washrooms hygiene
  • Waste Management

    • Compost generation
    • Municipal solid waste treatment
  • Oil and Grease Treatment

    • Oil spill management
    • Drainline blockage treatment
    • Grease trap treatment
  • Some of Our BioProducts

    For Pollution Control

    S.No Product Benefits
    1. OXY-SUPER Releases Oxygen, Speeds up bioactivity.
    2. SUPER24 Bioculture for STPs, Sewage treatment, biodigestors etc.
    3. SUPERFLOW Bioculture to digest Fat, Oil, Grease.For Drain lines, Grease traps, Oil spill cases.
    4. SUPERGUARD Nano Silver based disinfectant.
    5. ALGAECHECK Herbel solution to check algal blooms.
    6. STAYBLUE Natural blue green dye to enhance water body aesthetics.
    7. BIOFRESH Bioproduct for Odor Control applications.
    S.No Product Benefits
    7. BIOFRESH Bioproduct for Odor Control applications.
    8. UREX -Tablets Urine, uric acid degrading microbes and enzymes, for public urinals.
    9. SILRICH For compost generation from leaves and plant waste.
    10. KWM For compost generation from kitchen waste.
    11. PROWASO Probiotic microbes for Soil and water treatment, useful in ponds, lakes ,aquaculture.
    12. FLYSHIELD Essential oils blend to repel flies and insects. Restaurants, home, Pet animals, poultry and livestock.
    13. FLYRID Microbial Larvicide.
    14. MOSS-OFF Mosquito repellant.
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