'Smart Solutions' at Superweld

Solving customer problems by finding the best engineering solution for them is what makes us feel joyful and content everyday. We have always looked at business as a way of making quality of life better, easier and more comfortable and we want to continue doing this forever.

30 Year's Experience

We have a long history of evolution and success over the last three decades. We believe and follow our core values to make the lives of our clients better.

Award Winning

We have proven ourselves as not just a business but innovative leaders in the industry. We have won many awards and titles over the span of our long journey.


We do what we say and achieve the results we promise. With the best tech-enabled engineering solutions, we are known for our honesty and reliability.

Pollution Control

Superweld has worked closely with reputed scientists and industry for years together. This work has resulted in some very effective bioproducts which can solve pollution problems, improving production, profitability, and the environment.

We adhere to today's strict emission rules and offer pollution control services for effectively and responsibly reducing emissions and saving energy.

Engineering Services

We are technical advisers and distributors of industrial maintenance products. We help industries to save enormous amounts by selecting and supplying the right maintenance products. We also train people for maintaining equipment, longer component life, lesser downtime and better productivity.

We help to optimise interactions between maintenance, operations, engineering, and management. We assist in the efficient, high-productivity, effective, and safe operation of businesses.

Animal Healthcare

Superweld brings the power of natural microbes and herbal extracts to animal feeds thereby enhancing their performance for better results. With our solutions, Poultry, Livestock and Pets can be raised in a healthy and organic way, without any dependence on chemicals, antibiotics or other inorganic supplements.

We understand the importance of animal husbandry. We fully comprehend the health issues of such animals and believe in the innovation and evolution of their healthcare.

Case Studies

Happy Clients

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