SUPER24 provides beneficial floc forming microbes and nutrients required to sustain growth of microbes for achieving a well settling MLSS in wastewater tanks . It also accelerates degradation of difficult to digest fats, oils, protein, starch, carbohydrates, Uric acid, detergents, hydrocarbons phenols; Cotton, Plastics, Hair,

Industrial Applications

Sewage treatment plants

Hotels , Residential , Commercial buildings

Septic tanks , bio digestors

Soak pits, Sump Pits, Drainlines, Biotoilets, Army cants.

Effluent treatment plants

Textile, Paper, Pharmaceutical , Dairy and Food Industry


Bulk Density

0.6 - 0.8 gr/cc


Light Brown

Physical appearance

Free flowing powder

Effective pH Range


Free from

Anthrax, Salmonella, E Coli.

Optimum Temperature

10-40 °C

Plate Count

4 x 10^9 CFU/Gram



Nutrient Content

Natural enhancers, nutrients & stimulants


Disperses in water

Shelf Life

1 year


10kg, 20kg buckets


  • Eliminates need to add EM , UREA, DAP.
  • Balances the C: N ratio of wastewater.
  • Promotes healthy and well settling biomass.
  • Reduces Sludge , Eliminates filamentous bulking.
  • Neutralizes Detergents, dyes, pigments and a range of industrial chemicals.
  • Reduces TDS and hardness.
  • Works well in both aerobic and anaerobic environments in varying parameters like Hardness, Salinity, pH etc., over a wide range of targets.
  • Acts as a deodorant. Adsorbs obnoxious gases like Ammonia, H2S, Mercaptans.
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