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Solving customer problems by finding the best engineering solution for them is what makes us feel joyful and content everyday. We have always looked at business as a way of making quality of life better, easier and more comfortable and we want to continue doing this forever.

Superweld was established in 1991 under the guidance of Mr. Vijay Bahl, our Director - Technical. We started with a focus on specialized welding and today we help a number of Industries as their maintenance and environmental consultant. Also, keeping with the times we are now actively providing Eco-logical solutions to our customers for pollution control and waste management problems.

We have developed range of bio products under the brand name of Superweld Eco solutions , in which Our herbal extracts, enzymes and microbes can be deployed in septic tanks, industrial wastewater treatment, grease top management, BOD,COD, reduction , Ammonia reduction, odor elimination, oil spill management, Algae control, composting, solid waste management.

One of our division is also involved in providing antibiotic free supplements for poultry, livestock and pets.

Why Choose Us

Solving Customer Problems by Finding the Best Solution

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Pollution Control Solutions: Patented Microbial strains which can perform Industrial cleaning like maintaining Free flowing Drains, Wastewater management, Odor Control.

Tough and Durable

Protective coatings and weld claddings for Metals to make them more tough and durable for Industrial use.

Finest Animal Care

Biological Solutions for Animal husbandry.

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