Super AMMONIL is designed to provide a biological oxidation of ammonia by providing bioinputs essential for the completing the nitrogen cycle.

Industrial Applications

Effluent treatment plants

· To reduce the Total Nitrogen Total Phosphorous in effluent parameters.

Aquaculture ponds , tanks

· Works in both SATLY and FRESH water
· Reduces BOD/COD, thereby increasing dissolved oxygen for higher survival rate of the inhabitants.

Municipal wastewater plants

· Strongly supports the ANOXIC zone recovers alkanility to support nitrification.


Type of contents

Herbs, Proprietary bio inputs ,

Probiotic count

4 * 10^ 9 CFU /Gram

Free from

Anthra , Salmonella, E.Coli


Ambor liquid with fermented odor.

Effective Temperature

Min. 10 - 60 °C

Effective ph range


Optimal ph range

6.6 - 8.2

Shelf life

1 year


In 25 liter jerry cans.Also available in powder form.


  • Fast reduction of toxic ammonia and nitrite level in the target medium.
  • Helps complete the nitrogen cycle within the target eco-systems.
  • Improves sparkling and transparency of the wastewater under treatment.
  • Liquefies dead cell of phytoplankton and organic sediments.
  • Naturally controls phytoplankton bloom during the culture period.
  • Stabilizes pH during day and night.

Super AMMONIL in Wastewater and Aquaculture systems

Critical factors that ensure optimized performance include:

  1. High dissolved oxygen concentrations,
  2. Phosphorus,
  3. Optimal temperature for the selected biomass,
  4. Large surface area for accumulating the slow-growing nitrifying biomass,
  5. Appropriate hydraulic loading rates and maintenance of a long solids retention time

Nitrification occurs best under aerobic conditions at dissolved oxygen levels of 1.0 mg/L or more. At dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations less than 0.5 mg/L, the growth rate is minimal. Thus our OXY-SUPER is highly recommended to increase dissolved oxygen levels.


Regular Dosage


Super ammonil


First day dosage must be 5 times the daily dose.



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