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Paper Mill Wastewater Operations

Transforming Kraft Mills: Biotech’s Odor Solution

Odor control In Kraft Paper Mills We had an opportunity to help a kraft paper mill by solving a problem that affected villagers. This factory had been producing cardboard for a while now. They struggled to solve the odor issue that was bothering the nearby villagers. They searched for help, and that...
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Agro Paper Mill Wastewater: Treatment Challenges & Solutions You Need to Know

Overcoming Wastewater Treatment Challenges in an Agro-based Paper Mill Let’s talk about something we’ve all heard about but might not pay much attention to – managing our wastewater. It’s not just about getting rid of liquid waste; it’s a big deal for our health and the env...
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Digest fat Oil & Grease.

Effective Biotechnology for Drain Line and Grease Trap FOG Treatment

Biotechnology To Treat Fats Oils & Greases In Drain Lines And Grease Traps India’s leading hotels & resorts are opting for bio-treatment oil & grease in the kitchen drain lines & grease traps, superflow and oxysuper are two innovative products that have been designed to deal wi...
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Why SUPER 24 is quickly replacing Cowdung in activated sludge process,

Introduction: Wastewater treatment is a critical aspect of environmental stewardship, ensuring that water discharged into natural bodies is free from pollutants. Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) and Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) rely on various methods to efficiently treat wastewater. One such meth...
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