Kitchen Waste Management Bio product

KWM contains microbes and enzymes to convert kitchen garbage waste to manure for plants. The degradable items can be simply decomposed safely and hygienically in a compost bin or organic waste digestion machine employing KWM
KWM Contains

  • Amylase, Cellulase, Protease, Lipase Etc., and associated producing microbes
  • Microbes that fix Nitrogen and Microbes that solubilize P, K, Mn, Zn, I, Fe, Mg, Al, Na, S and Si etc to yield manure for your garden ,Lawn or potted in house plants.


  • You should always ensure that the humidity level of the collected waste does not reduce to an extent that the matter in the bin or the pit becomes dry as this will create obstruction in the formation of the manure.
  • You can start using the manure when you find that it has turned into a crumbly brown matter, which has a earthy smell.
  • DOSE :1g/ 10 Kg Waste One Time., Every 3 inches height one layer
  • Each layer to be topped with KWM at recommended dose diluted in water @ 1:10000 Ratio.
  • Maintain Moisture level @ 30 % of the substrate.
  • Retention Time: 7-10 Days , Enzymes act best in temperature range from 40 to 60deg C


  • Food processing industries.
  • Hospitals, Institutions & Eco parks & Gardens.
  • Row Houses & Bungalows
  • Vegetable Markets, Fruit Markets, Flower Markets, Fish Markets
  • Small & Large Hotels & Resorts.
  • Small sized Commercial & Residential complexes.
  • Temples & industrial canteens.

For Best Results combine KWM-E with OXY-SUPER and BIOFRESH
Packing size: 1kg, 10kg, 25kg packs
Shelf Life: Best used within 12 months from date of Manufacture

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