Eliminate ETP/STP Yellowness with Bio-Cultures & Oxygenation

How to Remove Yellowness in STP / ETP Treated Water: The Power of Advanced Bio-Cultures & Oxygenation

Yellowness in STP / ETP Treated Water

Introduction : 

The persistent yellowness in sewage treatment plant (STP) effluent and other wastewater-treated effluent
presents a multifaceted challenge, impacting water quality and environmental sustainability.
This discoloration stems from

1. Undigested BOD,
2. Humic substances,
3. Dissolved nutrients,

Tarnishes the aesthetic appeal of treated water and indicates the presence of contaminants that pose risks to ecosystems and public health.

yellowness in STP-treated water

What are the reasons for yellowness :

The complexity of yellowness in STP-treated water lies in the interaction of various factors. Humic substances are a by-product of Natural Organic Matter (NOM), and contribute significantly to the observed coloration. Moreover, dissolved ions like iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) further exacerbate the color profile, underscoring the intricate nature of the issue.

Why can’t Conventional Solutions address this :
Market-based EM cultures, cow dung, and membrane filtration fall short in addressing this challenge, as they are unable to tackle undigested BOD and dissolved nutrients effectively. Even chlorine bleaching offers only temporary relief. Traditional methods like activated carbon filtration require thorough biological treatment beforehand to minimize BOD and coloration, highlighting the necessity for innovative solutions.



The Role of Advanced Bio-Culture: SUPER – 24

Enter SUPER 24, a cutting-edge wastewater bioculture engineered by SuperWeld Eco-Solution. This specially formulated powder product contains fast-acting enzymes beneficial microbes, and essential nutrients, fostering microbial growth and promoting the degradation of organic matter. By generating well-settling biomass in wastewater tanks, SUPER 24 significantly reduces BOD, COD, and TSS, offering a comprehensive solution to yellowness mitigation.

OXYSUPEROxy-Super as a Game-Changer:

However, the efficacy of bio-culture hinges on maintaining optimal levels of dissolved oxygen within the treatment system. This is where OXYSUPER, another breakthrough product from Super-Weld Eco-Solution, emerges as a game-changer. OXYSUPER, a Nano Granulated Oxygen Liberating Compound, liberates significantly higher levels of oxygen, transcending the limitations of conventional aeration systems. By maintaining dissolved oxygen well above 2mg/l, OXYSUPER not only fosters the thriving of bio-culture but also optimizes the degradation of organic matter, thereby minimizing residual BOD and associated.

HOTEL STP TANK CLARIFIED Success Stories and Proof:

Numerous case studies and real-world applications attest to the efficacy of this innovative approach. Municipalities and industrial facilities worldwide have witnessed remarkable water quality and treatment efficiency improvements after integrating SUPER 24 and OXYSUPER into their STP treatment systems. 

By synergistically combining advanced bio-culture and oxygenation technologies, stakeholders have achieved unparalleled success in yellowness mitigation, paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

STP-treated waterIn conclusion, integrating advanced bio-culture and oxygenation technologies offers a transformative solution to the long-standing challenge of yellowness in STP-treated water. By addressing the root causes of coloration and optimizing treatment processes, this innovative approach not only enhances water quality but also promotes environmental sustainability on a global scale.

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