Super Nutrients

SUPER NUTRIENTS is a formulation of Trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins, for the growth and reproduction of healthy microbial is immensely useful for aching high COD reduction and provides missing nutrients in various wastewaters like Textile industry, paper mills, Industrial ETPs , chemical inorganic industry.

Industrial Applications

Effluent treatment plants

All kinds of Industrial Effluent plants

Sewage treament plants

Municipal ,Hotels , Residential , Commercial buildings Sewerages, Drain Channels


Ponds and lake rejuvenation, insitu drain treatment





99% in water




Trace Minerals Present in trace amounts Like Ag, B, Cr, Co, Cu, F, I,Mn, Mo, Se, Si, Sn, V, and Zn Calcium 1.9% ,Iron 0.08%, Magnesium 0.12% , Zinc 0.0035% ,Phosphorus 0.1 % Vitamins
Present in trace amounts  A, B, D, E, K Folic Acid 0.3mg Ascorbic Acid 150,000 mg .Niacin 2,500 mg

Effective Temperature

Min. 10 - 80 °C

Shelf life

1 year


In 20 liter jerry cans. Also available in powder form.


  • Ideal source of missing nutrition
  • Enhances performance of wastewater treatment in even under low dissolved oxygen conditions
  • Enhanced odor control
  • Better digestion of oil and grease
  • Improved effluent quality -by reduction of COD, BOS, TSS and Ammonia
  • Low sludge generation, as more hydrolysis takes place
  • Better floc formation, Elimination of filaments.

Super Nutrients in Wastewater and Effluent Treatment Plants

Dosage guidelines

  • Daily Dose : 2 g/Kl
  • First Dose 5 times the daily dose
  • Can fed directly to the aeration basin or into the influent to the basin or lagoon or mixed in with a RAS line.

Success case studies

  • Papermill effluent
  • Textile Printing Industry
  • 98% COD Reduction in pharma wastewater
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